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Promising VR Adventure Unknown Fate Is Out Next Month

There’s one more game to add to our list of big fall releases. Marslit Games’ promising VR adventure, Unknown Fate, is coming next month.

The game, which is published by 1C Company, arrives on September 6th for $14.99 with optional support for the HTC Vive on PC (Oculus Rift support is also on the way). 1C also announced today that the game is going to come with support for Tobii’s eye-tracking technology in both VR and non-VR modes. This support will add new control options to the game, allowing you to highlight objects and trigger environmental events.

A new trailer for the game also debuted at Gamescom this month, which you can see below.

Unknown Fate first caught out attention last year thanks to its solid visuals and intriguing art direction. It’s a first-person adventure in which players explore a twisted universe filled with fantastical creatures, many of which seem to be interested in killing you. Luckily you have a ball of glowing light in one hand that seems to put a stop to them and it also used for solving puzzles.

Finally, 1C confirmed that the VR version of the game will support tracked controllers as well as gamepads (we had assumed it would only be the latter). It’s also getting a console edition, but PSVR support hasn’t yet been mentioned. Fingers crossed.

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