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Meta To Reveal Project Cambria Mixed Reality Details Tomorrow

Meta To Reveal Project Cambria Mixed Reality Details Tomorrow

Meta will reveal new details about its Project Cambria standalone headset tomorrow.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg just said as much over on his Facebook page. “Project Cambria’s color passthrough technology will enable developers to build a whole new level of mixed reality experiences,” he wrote. “More details coming tomorrow.” Included in the post is a new image of Zuckerberg wearing the device and using hand tracking features, which you can see below.

It’s possible that these details will only concern Cambria’s color passthrough capabilities but, then again, there’s plenty more we’re still yet to learn about the headset. For starters, the Cambria label itself is merely a codename, with the device being introduced at Meta’s 2021 Connect event. It’s billed as a high-end alternative to Meta’s affordable Quest headsets. Alongside the switch to color passthrough, Cambria will add face and eye tracking for more emotive social VR avatars, and features a revised form factor that employs a new type of lens.

We do know the kit’s due to launch this year but we don’t have a final release date, nor a price. Could these details be confirmed tomorrow?

Though the headset will be compatible with Quest, Meta has previously stated that Cambria is not a part of the Quest line, and is more designed for work use than gaming. In fact, Meta says it sees this headset eventually replacing devices like laptops and, at the beginning of the month, it suggested the device will cost “significantly higher” than $800 despite reports to the contrary in an article from The Information. Import logs also suggest the device will have 12GB of RAM.

What are you hoping to see from Project Cambria tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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