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Full Course Golf Comes To Pro Putt On Quest 2 In November

Full Course Golf Comes To Pro Putt On Quest 2 In November

Topgolf with Pro Putt is getting full swing courses on November 18.

The game, currently only available on Oculus Quest, initially launched in May 2020 as a putting-only experience. Late last year it added a full swing driving range with Topgolf minigames. Throughout the year the developers have conducted a closed beta of full course golf with fans, incorporating feedback for the November launch.

This will be the second full course golf title available on the main Oculus Store. Golf 5 eClub released back in August – it has a much more realistic art style but faced criticism for unrealistic swing physics and only having one course.

Pro Putt’s November update will be free and the game’s $20 price won’t increase, but the original Quest headset won’t be able to access full courses. A ‘Cliffs’ course will be included free, and a recreation of Nevada’s Wolf Creek will be available as a paid DLC.

The update will also include a new social clubhouse with a golf range and practice area – the developers want this app to be a place to hang out with other golf fans as well as to play.

The Clubhouse

We reviewed Pro Putt’s putting courses back when it first released, giving it 4/5 stars. We praised the realistic yet accessible gameplay and fun minigames, but noted there were only a limited number of courses. A lot has changed since our review, so we’ll be sure to take another look once the full course update launches.

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