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Flight Simulator VR Controller Support 'Being Worked On'

Flight Simulator VR Controller Support 'Being Worked On'

VR controller support for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is ‘being worked on’, Eurogamer reports in an interview article.

Asobo Studio shipped support for VR headsets on December 22, but you’re limited to using a mouse + keyboard, gamepad, or flight stick. A stick is the ideal way to play of course, but it does make setting up the game and navigating menus a somewhat awkward trial.

The studio hasn’t yet detailed how VR controller support will work. At minimum, it should let you navigate the game’s menus more easily with a laser pointer. Hopefully it also brings support for directly interacting with cockpit controls with your hands- we’ve seen already this in games like VTOL VR & Aerofly FS 2.

In the Eurogamer interview, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann also spoke of the effort required to get VR running smoothly: “With VR you need to be really disciplined. We’ve found many gigabytes, and it’s already quite a bit better.

That said, we’ve heard widespread reports of VR performance issues on even the highest end hardware. A game with the sheer number of objects and fine details like this was never going to run on most PCs, but we’ll keep testing with each new patch to see if Microsoft can pull off some magic for VR users.

Do you play Flight Simulator with a mouse + keyboard, a gamepad, or a flight stick? Would you try playing with VR controllers? Let us know in the comments below!

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