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Arcade Driving Game Nightvision: Drive Forever To Get VR Support

Arcade Driving Game Nightvision: Drive Forever To Get VR Support

Released for PC in October, Nightvision: Drive Forever will receive VR support in a free update coming soon.

The game is a unique arcade driving title that pairs realistic handling with traditional arcade challenges such as time trials. It uses procedurally-generated desert highways and relies on pure driving skill — there’s no map or directions, it’s just you and the road.

nightvision drive forever 2

Here’s a better description from the game’s Steam store page:

Nightvision is a “road-lite” night-driving simulation with randomly generated levels. You must go fast, that much is clear, but why? And how fast is too fast?
With intense highway driving, a story mode that gradually ramps up the difficulty, and a fresh world and road to master each time you get behind the wheel, Nightvision will have you in a cold sweat as you anticipate the next curve about to come into your headlights.

The roads will have varied weather, switching from clear skies to rain and storms, plus there are three modes — story mode, arcade challenges and ‘Endless Mode’. The latter mode puts you on a procedurally-generated road that never ends, so you can realistically drive to your heart’s content. Any other year I wouldn’t say this, but in 2020 I’m sure some people will love being able to realistically drive across a highway for hours with no end in sight.

nightvision drive forever

Closed testing of VR support will begin soon, but we’ve no specific information on a full release. Current steering wheel and gamepad support will carry over into VR, so all you’ll need is a headset and some peripherals if you want to avoid use VR controllers.

Nightvision: Drive Forever is currently available for $17.99 on Steam for PC. 

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