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Prey's Long-Awaited VR Content Is Coming Next Week

Prey's Long-Awaited VR Content Is Coming Next Week

Good news! The Prey VR content that Bethesda announced at E3 back in June hasn’t been lost in a black hole; it’s coming out next week.

The company today confirmed that the Prey Typhoon Hunter DLC will be releasing on December 11th. While there’s a bunch of updates for the standard game here, VR fans can look forward to a new single-player escape room mode named TranStar VR. This new experience is set days before the events of the original game and casts you as TranStar employees trying to solve puzzles and make their way out of various locations first seen in the game’s campaign.

There’s also a new museum mode that will allow you to inspect a bunch of Prey assets in VR. Meanwhile, the actual Typhoon Hunter multiplayer mode, which has players hunting for shape-shifting mimics, will be getting an update that adds VR support in early 2019.

These new modes will be free to anyone that owns the Digital Deluxe edition of Prey or that picked up the Mooncrash DLC. The VR content will support the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets. Elsewhere, Bethesda is also going to be publishing a VR spin-off of Wolfenstein next year too.

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