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Pre-Order Google's Pixel Phone And Get A Free Daydream View

Pre-Order Google's Pixel Phone And Get A Free Daydream View

Google’s new Daydream View headset is remarkably low cost at $79, but VR fans looking to also pick up the company’s new phone can get the kit for an even better price: free.

The below tweet from the Google Store Twitter account confirms that anyone that pre-orders the company’s $649 handset will be able to redeem a Daydream View at not extra cost. Once you’ve ordered your unit, a promo code for a free headset should be emailed to you around four weeks from the phone’s shipment date. You’ll then use that code on the Google Store. It must be used this year, so make sure not to actually pre-order a View for yourself today. The offer is only available while supplies last.

We don’t know if others will be offering similar deals outside of the Google Store just yet. It also seems to be limited to the US for now.

Still, we’re happy to see any promotion to get Daydream into as many hands as possible as quickly as possible. Samsung has been offering similar promotions with its $99 Gear VR headsets throughout 2016. It’s a plan that’s seemingly had some success; Oculus reported that Gear saw over a million users for the first time last April, though it’s unclear how many units have actually been sold thus far.

We don’t have an exact date for the launch for Pixel or XL, but Daydream View is meant to be out in November. It’s going to come with a lot of different games and experiences.

Oculus and Samsung, meanwhile, might well fire back later this week at Oculus Connect.

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