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PowerWash Simulator VR Reaches Quest This November

PowerWash Simulator VR - Helter Skelter Cat Multiplayer

PowerWash Simulator VR cleans up a release date, arriving next month on Quest.

Revealed during June's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase pre-show, PowerWash Simulator VR can be played solo or in co-op multiplayer and also introduces some VR-specific features. Publisher nDreams confirms you can select outfits and equipment from the back of the PowerWash van, alongside quick nozzle changes through a new tool belt.

In our hands-on PowerWash Simulator VR preview at Summer Game Fest, we came away impressed by FuturLab's upcoming adaptation. Featuring all base game content from the original flatscreen edition with over 40 levels, the VR version has parity with the base console and PC versions - excluding DLC - while adding "some clever tweaks to the core gameplay loop."

PowerWash Simulator VR arrives on Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3 on November 2. Pre-orders are now live and all early adopters will receive an in-game pair of exclusive cat-themed gloves at launch.

Power Wash Simulator VR Looks Set To Overcome The Pressure
Ahead of release later this year, we’ve gone hands-on with PowerWash Simulator VR. The good news? It looks like it’s going to overcome the pressure:

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