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Population: One Is Opening The Tower This Week

What lies at the heart of the monolithic tower in the center of Population: One‘s map?

We’ll find out later this week.

An upcoming in-game event for BigBox’s popular battle royale shooter will see ‘The Tower’ open and reveal its secrets. The event, which is named Tower Struggle and kicks off on April 8th at 12pm PT, promises new rewards. An image attached to a recent tweet shows gun skins, a new outfit, and a mysterious glowing red orb. The event runs until April 19th and you can sign up to be notified of kick-off right here.

What’s not clear is if opening The Tower will give players any new areas to fight in, but we certainly hope so. In the standard game you can scale the structure (if you want to give your arms a workout) and take the fight to the top platform, and it’d definitely be interesting to mix up that dynamic a little.

Population: One is currently knee-deep in its first season, Uprising, which has introduced new features like melee weapons and offers players new cosmetic items should they pick up the paid battle pass. It’s the first real test to see if the VR shooter — which has generated more than $10 million in revenue on Oculus platforms alone — has the longevity of its inspirations like Fortnite.

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