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Phasmophobia Is A New Cooperative Ghost Hunting Horror Game With Full VR Support

Phasmophobia Is A New Cooperative Ghost Hunting Horror Game With Full VR Support

Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you will soon. Phasmophobia is a new four-player cooperative online ghost hunting psychological horror game with full VR support including crossplay with non-VR players on Steam Early Access.

Phasmophobia: Ghost Hunting VR Survival Horror

If you’ve ever watched Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, one of my wife’s all-time favorite TV shows, then you’ll be familiar with the concept in Phasmophobia. Essentially you work on a team of paranormal investigators that are tasked with investigating haunted locations to capture evidence of ghost activity. You’ll use expected tools like spirit boxes, ouija boards, cameras, a crucifix, and more to provoke activity and try to escape with your life.

Phasmophobia, if it wasn’t clear, is the technical term for “fear of ghosts” which is fitting. Through your investigation the mic is open with proximity voice chat and you’ll also use your voice to communicate with the ghost itself. All of the ghosts are of course tied to previously living people so if you speak their name it will anger them, forcing reactions for you to try and capture. The end goal is to identify which type of ghost it is by checking your journal and collecting clues that proves a specific type of ghost. You’re free to leave at any time, but the more evidence you collect the more money you get for buying equipment between missions back at the base.

Honestly, it can be extremely unnerving. The vast majority of locations in Phasmophobia are extremely dark and your flashlight will only light up so much of a room before you have to rely on your other senses to move around. When I tried it out a few weeks ago (non-VR) I was playing with a full group of three friends and the little girl ghost we encountered in a family’s home was extremely aggressive.

It picked off my friends one by one until I was the only one remaining. At the end, it locked the door and I was left yanking on the doorknob desperately trying to get out. I barely escaped with my life, but I snagged a photo of her just as she caused my friend’s body to limply fall down the stairs.

Phasmophobia is very much in Early Access right now, but it’s already got an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ review average on Steam with over 15,000 reviews in less than a single month. Clearly, this is an untapped game format that has a lot of interest for a lot of people. According to the Steam page, they plan to full release the game next year, but that could change. Currently there are 22 pieces of equipment and 7 maps as well as daily challenges and a handful of avatars to pick from with 10 different ghosts.

Phasmophobia is out now in Steam in Early Access with full VR support that crossplays with non-VR players for $13.99. Don’t forget to check our list of other great VR horror games and let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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