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Job Sim Dev Owlchemy Is Still Making Games Despite Google VR Retreat

Job Sim Dev Owlchemy Is Still Making Games Despite Google VR Retreat

The last few months have seen Google wind down a lot of its VR work, but the developer of Job and Vacation Simulator says it isn’t going anywhere.

Yesterday brought news that Google was making its VR creation platform, Tilt Brush, open-source. Hidden inside the announcement was the snippet that Google itself will no longer be updating the platform. Paired with the recent news that Poly is also shutting down, not to mention the gradual death of the Daydream mobile VR platform, and it looks like Google’s interest in VR is growing thin.

We had wondered what this might mean for Owlchemy Labs, the creator of celebrated VR titles that was acquired by Google in 2017. The Simulator series — particularly Job Simulator — continues to rank highly on games sales charts. Yesterday, CEO Devin Reimer took to Twitter to confirm that the team is still building new VR games.

“With Tilt Brush’s announcement some folks have asked if this changes anything at Owlchemy,” Reimer wrote. “It does not, we are continuing to grow, build awesome games for everyone, innovate and push VR forward! We also can’t wait to announce our next big thing!”

Owlchemy hasn’t revealed its next project after last year’s release of DLC for Vacation Simulator, but did assure us it was working on a new title during our 2020 Summer Showcase. Hopefully the team will have more on what’s next at some point later this year.

What do you think Owlchemy Labs is working on next? Let us know in the comments below!

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