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VR Platformer Outta Hand Will Leap Onto Quest This Year

Outta Hand key art

A new VR platformer called Outta Hand is in development for Quest, leaping onto the platform later this year.

Outta Hand is the debut VR project from Israel-studio Capricia Productions. The studio previously produced the 2021 flatscreen release Of Bird and Cage, an experience that was part-Metal album, part-story driven game. Beyond Frames will handling publishing for Outta Hand, following on from their previous publishing partnerships on titles like Silhouette, Mixture and Ghosts of Tabor.


As you can see in the announcement trailer above, Outta Hand is another VR platformer that uses a movement system inspired by viral multiplayer hit Gorilla Tag. While Gorilla Tag popularized this arms-based form of locomotion, it's been cropping up in other platformers lately – No More Rainbows being the best example.

In Outta Hand, you'll play as a cute blue blob of a creature with long arms that you'll use to leap and propel yourself through some interesting environments. The trailers also feature combat, where you can extend those arms out into long-distance punches à la Mr Fantastic – intriguing!

Outta Hand is "still in development" but set to arrive later in 2023 on Quest headsets. Keep an eye out for more info as the year rolls on.

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