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Osso VR Adds Endoscopy And More To Surgical Training Platform

Osso VR Adds Endoscopy And More To Surgical Training Platform

Surgical training platform Osso VR has expanded its offerings to include more modules that cover intervention procedures and endoscopy training.

The new training modules join the existing on-demand, surgical VR training experiences provided by Osso which are used in over 20 teaching hospitals by thousands of surgeons each month across 20 countries.

You can see a video of the endoscopy training embedded above. It looks realistically gooey and as up close and personal as you would expect from any kind of endoscopy, let alone a virtual one designed for training.

“Initially Osso VR started mainly in orthopaedics, but what we have found is the unique platform we have built has been widely applicable across a range of specialties,” said Osso VR CEO and co-founder Justin Barad. “We’re excited to formally launch this expansion in order to reach more healthcare professionals in order to provide value for their patients.”

We tried Osso VR back in 2018 — UploadVR Editor David Jagneaux completed a training module that had him install a rod into a fractured shin. “It was a very kinetic training exercise” he said, “and one that wouldn’t be feasible to try for the first time on a real patient without prior knowledge.”

Midway through last year, Osso VR received a massive update that overhauled the graphics to provide a stunning new level of fidelity for the training modules. The new assets brought a level of realism to the platform that was previously not available — you can check out some screenshots here.

This was followed by an announcement in September 2020 that the company had raised $14 million in Series A funding, led by Kaiser Permanente Ventures, with participation from SignalFire, GSR, Scrum Ventures, Leslie Ventures and OCA Ventures.

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