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OpenComposite Lets Rift Play SteamVR Games Without Running SteamVR (Update)

OpenComposite Lets Rift Play SteamVR Games Without Running SteamVR (Update)

A VR developer just released a new platform that allows Oculus Rift owners to access SteamVR content without using SteamVR itself.

Developer Campbell Suter released what’s called ‘OpenComposite’ for free on GitLab over the weekend. Currently, Rift users can access any VR content on Steam, but it’ll need to run through SteamVR and not the headset’s own platform. With OpenComposite, Rift can treat Steam content as native Oculus apps.

For many people, this likely doesn’t mean much; it’s pretty easy to transition between SteamVR and native Home titles from inside the Rift (Home even shows previously-played SteamVR games in your library). However, for users that have had issues with SteamVR (some of which are speaking up in the platform’s Reddit thread), this solution could help them circumvent that may have prevented them from playing Steam-exclusive VR games like Skyrim and Payday 2.

Take note that there are still many SteamVR games that will use interfaces not yet accounted for by OpenComposite, though. This platform doesn’t have a virtual keyboard, for example, so you’ll still need to use SteamVR in sections of games that utilize such a feature. No doubt you’ll find other bugs and incompatible games as you explore (details for reporting them are on the GitLab page).

Still, this is an early version of the platform so expect improvements to be made along the way.

Update: This was originally named OpenOVR and has since been renamed OpenComposite. We’ve updated the story with the new name. We’ve also adjusted the headline.

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