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Onn’on Studios Presents Virtual Anime Fes on January 26th at 10pm PST

Onn’on Studios Presents Virtual Anime Fes on January 26th at 10pm PST

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Onn’on Studios.

The 2024 virtual festival season has just begun, and Onn’on Studios is excited to announce its upcoming event, Virtual Anime Fes, the studio’s first attempt at an event in VR. Sing, dance, and learn alongside your friends inside Onn’on’s venue, built specifically to promote creation and friendships within virtual worlds.

Earlier in 2023, Toei Animation, the umbrella company of Onn’on Studios, launched a virtual carnival ground called Imaginary Park 2070 in VRChat. Inside the park, users can engage in immersive entertainment with characters Sony has officially created through conversational AI technology. 

Virtual Anime Fes is scheduled to begin on Friday, January 26th, from 10 pm - 12 am PST and close the festivities on Saturday, January 27th, from 3pm - 5pm PST. Users can expect a selection of activities to choose from, including music and live speakers, as well as the announcement of a new mixed-reality game and other interesting projects. Everything takes place inside VRChat; however, the event can also be watched live on YouTube for those who want to participate without a VR headset.

Ken Ayugai will host, and things kick off with a special performance from SATELLITE, a limited-time Kawaii trio featuring Momo Asakura, Shino Shimoji, and Karin Takahashi. Festival goers can expect to see the women perform as their official Toei Animation characters - Neiro, Memory, and Kaeru as they open the show with their debut songs, “Yoru wa ONN’ON” and “Satellite.”

Up next is a live panel inviting Sally Amaki and Tsuneyuki Matsudaira of Sony Music Solutions, followed by a virtual stage reading from two main characters of Kado: The Right Answer, Kojiro Shindo (Akihiro Miura) and Shuji Asano (Kenji Akabane). 

Anime fans should also get excited for the announcement of the mixed reality title, Kaiju Decode, presented by the game character Clarisse (Hitomi Kikuchi) and producer Masafumi Mikami. For the finale, the Expelled From Paradise staff will discuss a new film project on the company’s latest roadmap. 

Date and Time: Friday, January 26th, 2024 @10pm - 12am PST, Saturday, January 27th, 2024 @ 3pm PST

Live Venue: Onnon_ImaginaryPark2070 in VRChat

Entry Fee: Free to Join

Live Stream: YouTube

Entry Fee: Free to Watch

Are you interested in learning more about Virtual Anime Fes and upcoming events from Onn’on Studios? Follow the team on Twitter, and remember to bookmark the live link on YouTube.   

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