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Oculus v29 Update Adds 120Hz Air Link Support

The recently-announced v29 update for Oculus Quest and Rift enables 120Hz Air Link support for the first time.

The change was first spotted on Reddit, but we’ve confirmed the feature for ourselves too. This feature wasn’t mentioned in Monday’s announcement of v29, in which Facebook detailed improvements to Infinite Office and a ‘Live Overlay‘ feature.

Once you have your Quest 2 connected to your PC, head into the PC Oculus app, click Devices and select your headset. From there, click Graphics Preferences from the right menu and you should see the option to switch to 120Hz.

120Hz Air Link Is Here

AirLink 120Hz

If you have v29 on Quest but don’t see the option, check if you’re currently on the Public Test Channel under Beta in Settings on the PC app – turning that off worked for me. This should work for wired Link connections too.

I tried the feature out and it worked very well for me offering a very smooth experience playing PC VR games. Of course, Air Link works differently for everyone – you’ll need a strong internal network connection to really take advantage of this feature. Our guide to setting up Air Link can be found right here.

Quest 2 itself got support for native 120Hz titles a few weeks back, and developers have been adding support for the feature ever since. That said, the limited power of the standalone headset makes it hard for its more ambitious games to support the refresh rate. We’ve got a list of every game that supports 120Hz right here. Powerful PC rigs, obviously, won’t have that problem.

Earlier this month Virtual Desktop itself added 120Hz support for wireless streaming from Quest too.

Are you going to try out 120Hz Air Link support? Let us know in the comments below!

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