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New Oculus Touch Replacements Now On Sale For $69 Each

New Oculus Touch Replacements Now On Sale For $69 Each

Facebook’s two new VR headsets, the updated Oculus Rift S and the standalone Oculus Quest, are now out. That means accessories for both devices are available too. Those include replacements for the new Touch controllers.

You can already buy replacement left and right controllers for $69 each. Fully replacing a pair would cost $138, then. Oculus is also selling replacement facial interfaces for both devices and even a replacement headband for Rift S. For Quest, meanwhile, you can get replacement AC adapters, in-ear headphones and a travel case (which we weren’t too keen on).

The new Touch controllers work on both Rift S and Quest, but come bundled with each. Take note, though, that the controllers don’t work with the original Oculus Rift, so don’t buy these if you’re sticking with that. Not that you’d really need to if they did work; the new Touch simply puts the tracking ring on top of your hand instead of below it. Otherwise it still has the same buttons and features. That means six degrees of freedom (6DOF) positional tracking, analog sticks and more.

In fact, if anything the design on the new pair isn’t quite as good as the original. It can feel off-balance and it’s also easy to push the battery cover out by accident. They’re still great controllers in their own right, though.

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