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VR Dev Releases Custom Oculus Rift S Flip Hinge Modding Guide For Developers

VR Dev Releases Custom Oculus Rift S Flip Hinge Modding Guide For Developers

Ever since the ill-fated LG SteamVR headset debuted a handy flip-up feature in its design, we’ve wanted to see one in practically every VR headset. This interesting mod makes that a reality on the Oculus Rift S, but only for a certain set of users.

Mark Schramm, who worked on Superhot VR as well as games like Gravity Lab and Nighttime Terror, just released a developer-focused guide to modding a Rift S to feature a flip up hinge. Once installed, Schramm says the mod will hold the Rift S visor at a 90 degree angle when flipped up. Note that Schramm says the mod is only intended for VR developers tired of having to take headsets on and off when working on content. He does not recommend normal VR users try it out. Check it out in action below.

The method uses a 3D printed hinge of Schramm’s design, which is held together using a 50mm M3 bolt (or two 25mm ones) and slides onto the headset. Schramm’s guide includes dimensions for printing your own pieces and brackets. You’ll also need rubber bands. Schramm assures that the mod is fully reversible and doesn’t make any changes to the actual mount on your Rift S’s headstrap. The developer is accepting donations for his creation, but access to the guide is free.

That said, take note that we haven’t tried this mod for ourselves, and can’t attest to its quality or if it works. If you’re not experienced with modding hardware, we strongly suggest you don’t make this your first project; you don’t want to end up with a broken Oculus Rift S. Those things aren’t easy to come by at the moment.

Of course, if you don’t want to risk messing up a headset with a mod, the HTC Vive Cosmos also features a flip up design. If this feature is a must for you, maybe start there.

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