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Quill Is Facebook’s Answer To Google’s Tilt Brush

Quill Is Facebook’s Answer To Google’s Tilt Brush

Oculus released a video on YouTube showing a new VR illustrator experience known as Quill.

According to the video’s description, Quill was created to help the artistic minds over at Oculus Story Studio complete the VR movie Dear Angelica, the third project to debut from the studio after Lost and Henry. The video shows an artist creating an illustration in VR using Oculus Touch controls in a way that is very reminiscent of the Google’s Tilt Brush or the PlayStation VR game Dreams.

Tilt Brush in particular has served as one of the Vive’s most powerful tech demos. Art experiences like these help the casual, non-gaming crowd become acclimated to VR and particularly to hand controls within VR, in a way that is both natural and enjoyable. Quill could be a direct Tilt Brush competitor for Oculus, but as of yet the company has not announced whether it will release the program commercially or keep it exclusively as a developer tool.

Quill is not the only creative tool from Oculus. Facebook’s VR company is also building Medium.

Both programs are designed to help win what is becoming an arms race in VR development: how can VR devs create VR experiences within VR itself? The first company to answer that question will have an immediate foot in the door with all of the most creative VR developers. With Quill, Oculus is taking another step toward becoming that company, though we will have to get more extensive hands-on time with the creative apps from Google, Oculus and Sony to truly figure out what’s possible with each toolset.

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