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Oculus Quest 2 Pre-Orders Backdated To November In US, Late October In UK

Oculus Quest 2 Pre-Orders Backdated To November In US, Late October In UK

You may have missed your chance to get an Oculus Quest 2 on launch day.

Pre-orders for Facebook’s new standalone headset are now backdated on the official website. The first people to pre-order Quest 2 will be getting the headset on October 13th. However, if you’re in the US the estimated delivery now reads November 3rd for both the 64GB headset and the 256GB headset.

Oculus Quest 2 Pre-Orders Backdated

The situation seems a little less desperate elsewhere. In the UK, the 64GB version is pushed back to October 20th while the 256GB edition delivers on October 27th. This could be an indication that the more expensive edition ($399 for 256GB and $299 for 64GB) is more popular in the UK, or just that there’s less stock for the bigger model.

Meanwhile, some of the other accessories shipping with the device, like the Elite Strap, are also now getting pushed back. In fact, the strap won’t ship until November 9th, though that makes sense once you consider its one product that covers both devices.

Other retailers are stocking Quest 2, though, so it might still be possible to get a headset on launch day. Either way, it seems like there’s still plenty of units available in time for Christmas, and we’re not yet sure the same can be said about those other new gaming devices launching this holiday – the PS5 and new Xbox One consoles.

We think Quest 2 is an all-round improvement on its predecessor. It’s smaller and more comfortable, it’s got a much better display and it’s more powerful. At $299, it really is something of a steal, even if there are concerns to be had about the Facebook account requirement.

Did you manage to pre-order an Oculud Quest 2 or are you waiting on the kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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