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4 Million Quest 2 Facial Interfaces Shipped In USA, Recall Listing Confirms

4 Million Quest 2 Facial Interfaces Shipped In USA, Recall Listing Confirms

Facebook has shipped around four million units of the Oculus Quest 2 facial interface in the USA, both separately and included alongside the headset.

That much was revealed in a newly-listed alert from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for the interface, which we today confirmed was being recalled after reports of skin irritation from multiple Quest 2 users. Facebook told Upload VR it had received approximately 5,700 reports of skin irritation from customers in the United States.

But the listing notes that “about 4 million” units of the facial interface have shipped in the US. Specifically, it clarifies these include units “as sold separately and with the Oculus Quest 2 Headset”. It also notes that another 172,600 units have shipped in Canada.

This figure gives us possibly our most intriguing look yet at Quest 2’s performance in the US, with an important caveat. Undoubtedly, the vast majority of these facial units will have been those included with the Quest 2 itself but, with no way of knowing exactly how many units can be attributed to the separate facial interface Fit Pack sold on the Oculus Accessories store, it’s still impossible to know the exact number.

It’s also important to note that Facebook’s separate Fit Pack includes two interfaces inside, each a different shape and size, and it’s very possible that this total is accounting for both of those units too. We’ve reached out to Facebook to ask if it can clarify. On top of both that and adding in simple replacements shipped for the standard interface, these numbers may also just account for units shipped out to stores, not necessarily actual sales figures.

Still, these details may be enough to suggest Oculus Quest 2 sales in the US alone are in the millions. Facebook has never provided official sales statistics for any of its consumer Oculus headsets, however.

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