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Oculus Quest 2 Active Pack Includes Controller Grips For VR Fitness

Oculus Quest 2 Active Pack Includes Controller Grips For VR Fitness

An Oculus Quest 2 Active Pack is launching in 2022, including new accessories aimed at those using VR for fitness.

The Quest 2 Active Pack was announced at Connect this week and includes grips for your Touch controllers that will help you keep hold of them during intense workouts as well as a facial interface that lets you wipe off sweat. A full release date and price for the kit has not yet been revealed.

Oculus Quest 2 Active Pack Revealed

Oculus Quest 2 Active Pack

Other companies have released third-party peripherals for Quest fitness and hygiene. VR Cover, for example, has a set of facial interfaces to help deal with sweat generated while playing in VR and has its own controller grips too. Meta’s new Active Pack seems to be largely based on those offerings.

The Active Pack continues the line of Quest 2 accessories Facebook has been rolling out over the past year, starting with the Elite Headstrap series that launched alongside the device. Fitness has proved to be an unexpected use for VR headsets of late, with players launching apps like Supernatural and FitXR to keep healthy during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What other accessories do you want to see in the Oculus Quest 2 Active Pack? Let us know in the comments below.

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