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Obduction On PS4 Won't Launch With PSVR Support

We already reported that Cyan’s popular adventure game, Obduction, would be launching on PS4 this month, but there’s been a slight stumble on the game’s VR support.

When Obduction hits the console on August 29th (just under three weeks from now), it won’t support PlayStation VR. Studio founder Rand Miller recently revealed as much on the PlayStation Blog, though he didn’t offer a specific reason as to why it wasn’t going to be ready in time.

“But we were determined to build an amazing gaming experience that provided not just a satisfying experience for PS4 players, but something that felt like a full VR game instead of a small demo for PSVR players,” Miller said.

Our guess? Cyan is still trying to optimize the game for PSVR, which is something many developers struggle with. Porting games like Obduction that have already appeared on PC VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive means dealing with significantly less powerful hardware, and factors like visual fidelity usually suffer as a result. We’ve reached out to the studio to confirm that this is the reason for the delay.

Fear not, though, the VR support will be arriving as a free update at some point. Cyan didn’t give a release timeframe for that support but we’re hoping it’ll be before the end of the year. Obduction is worth the wait in our books, so PSVR owners will just need to hold on for a while longer.

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