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Noun Town Brings Quirky Language Lessons To Quest, PC VR

Noun Town Brings Quirky Language Lessons To Quest, PC VR

Ever wanted to be taught Spanish by a talking avocado? Well, Noun Town is the VR app for you!

Noun Town is an upcoming VR app for Quest and PC VR that aims to teach you new languages using quirky and fun minigames set on a mysterious island filled with cute anthropomorphic objects.

The app is set for an early access release next month, but for now you can try out a short alpha demo version available via App Lab or over on Steam for PC VR. Plans for the full release include 25 language options (including Japanese, Spanish and French) with the ability to learn 500+ nouns for each. You’ll do this by befriending the cute anthropomorphic objects around Noun Town island and participating in educational minigames.

Based off the trailer, embedded above, you’ll also be using your headset’s microphone to speak words aloud, which is then verified by the app to check your pronunciation. Here’s a bit more info about what to expect, taken from the App Lab description:

Noun Town has mysteriously drained of color, with many residents missing. Fulfill the prophecy of HUE+MAN restoring the world, through language-learning minigames.

Developed using memory science research, Noun Town takes immersive language learning to the next level with tools like voice recognition, spaced repetition, and audio from fluent speakers. Grow your skills and save your villager friends!

The developers are also midway through a Kickstarter campaign, which is roughly 3/4 of the way toward their £2500 goal, which promises the full release with the planned 25 languages. Further stretch goals aim to add in other aspects of languages beyond nouns, such as verbs, as well as a companion mobile app.

Noun Town is set to release in early access next month for Oculus Quest and PC VR. You can learn more over on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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