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No Man's Sky VR Gets Dead Space-Style Horror With Desolation Update

No Man's Sky VR Gets Dead Space-Style Horror With Desolation Update

Another huge No Man’s Sky update just launched, and it brings a touch of Dead Space-style horror to the game. Yes, really.

The No Man’s Sky Desolation Update introduces derelict freighters to the universe-exploring space simulation game. Players can board these abandoned behemoths in search of supplies to salvage after getting location information from scrap dealers. Check it out in the trailer below.

But these ships aren’t left untouched; along with lethal on-board defense mechanisms, on some ships you’ll also find small bug-like aliens living in organic matter. Burst their homes (if you can call them that) and they’ll scatter up walls and along ceilings. You can take friends with you to explore these procedurally-generated environments, which also feature ‘Procedural Stores’ unique to each location.

Okay so it might not be the scariest-looking game, but for No Man’s Sky this is considerably darker in tone than anything we’ve seen so far from the game. As always, expect this content to work on PC VR and PSVR headsets too; the entire game got free VR support in the Beyond update last summer.

There’s plenty more to the Desolation update, though. A lighting pass on the game brings with it improved effects and bloom, and combat mechanics have been tweaked, too. On the VR specific front there’s some further fixes to the game’s support.

Between this update and the recent additions of mechs and living ships, No Man’s Sky VR is a much bigger game than it already was 12 months ago. Will you be jumping back in to see this No Man’s Sky horror update? Let us know in the comments below!

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