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NexiGo Meta Quest 2 Accessories Review: Headset Strap, Charging Stand

NexiGo Meta Quest 2 Accessories Review: Headset Strap, Charging Stand

Lots of people use brands like VR Cover and Kiwi Designs when it comes to the best Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest 2 accessories, but NexiGo is a brand with some very promising products of its own.

Much of what this US brand makes is comparable to others. There’s a travel case, controller grips and even pistol-shaped controller add-ons for shooters. But some of the company’s other products actually stand apart from its competitors in some interesting ways. Each of the following products can be found on the official NexiGo store.

NexiGo Quest 2 Accessories Reviews

NexiGo S30 Headset Strap For Quest 2 Review

NexiGo S30 Headstrap Strap Quest 2 review

We’ve seen a lot of head straps for Quest 2. The base strap is fine for short sessions, but if you’re playing for anything longer than 15 minutes you probably want to invest in a more comfortable, convieniant alternative. Meta has its own Elite Straps that are clean and comfortable (though some are clearly prone to snapping), and Kiwi Designs has a very cozy alternative too. But NexiGo’s S30 Headset Strap is quite unlike other designs. It’s got two-point adjustment on circular hinges, one at the side of the Quest 2 itself and one right in the middle of its halo ring design.

This means you can not only adjust the angle at which the Quest 2 rests on your face but also where the back strap clamps to the back of your head. With enough tweaking, you can find a fit for the S30 that’s perfect for your head. I’ve found this to be easily one of the most comfortable and versatile options for Quest 2 thanks to the padded halo strap and added top strap. It even has more padded braces at the top to help you get it in the right position.

Not only that, but the two-point adjustment enables something I’ve forever longed for with Quest 2 – the ability to flip it up. Whilst you’re not really able to lift the device clean out of view, I can quickly push it upwards to get a quick view of the real world – perfect for grabbing a snack, checking my phone or typing on my keyboard. I honestly love this feature and will be keeping the S30 on my Quest 2 after this review for the foreseeable future.

Having said all that, all these options do mean you lose some of the simplicity of other head straps. The S30 does have an easy to use dial at the back for quickly fitting the device to the top of your head, but adjusting the hinges to get a great fit will take time. Even if you’re the only one using the device, I’ve found myself having to do a few minutes of adjustment each time I’ve put it on.

At $40, though, I’m more than happy to put up with the extra work for the added comfort and flip feature. That’s $10 less than both Meta and Kiwi Design’s basic alternatives, so anyone that spends a long time in their Quest 2 should seriously consider the S30.

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NexiGo S20 Enhanced Headset and Controller Charging Stand Review

NexiGo S20 Headset and Controller Charging Stand Review

Charging stands are a great way to combat the relatively short battery life of the Quest 2 itself, not to mention the controllers (though the Touch’s battery life on a single AA battery each is exceptional). For NexiGo’s part, the S20 is a solid option with some great features if you don’t mind the steep $90 price.

The stand itself puts the Quest 2 on a plastic pedestal with an optional insert to hold basically any Elite Strap-style setup (you can buy the stand without this insert for $80). A detachable magnetic USB-C cable allows you to quickly set the headset down and link up the wire and connector. That said it’s a little tough to actually remove the small USB-C part from the Quest 2 once it’s in.

The controllers, meanwhile, get two rechargeable AA batteries and a new battery cover that can then sit in their corresponding slots. Orange and blue lights indicate when the devices are charging and when they’re full and reflect off of the plastic stand, making it easy to tell from a glance.

As for the controller battery life itself, it’s hard to say other than that, by the time I’d run the Quest 2 headset battery from full to flat, they were still near full charge. Given you should then be placing them back to charge with the headset itself, it’s difficult to see this ever being a problem.

When it comes to issues, I do wish the USB-A port to power the device had been located to the side of the kit rather than the back, as I like to unplug the device over long sessions rather than needlessly using power. It’s a bit of a hassle to get around the back, though by no means a massive problem. Still, this doesn’t detract from the kit’s major upsides, and I’d say this is an easy recommendation if the $90 price tag doesn’t bother you too much.

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