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New York Finally Confirmed For Marvel Powers United VR

New York Finally Confirmed For Marvel Powers United VR

For all of the exotic comic book locations confirmed for Marvel: Powers United VR thus far, the staple of superhero land hasn’t yet been confirmed. That changes today.

Yes, downtown New York City will be available in the game when it launches next week. The war-torn streets will resemble something like the climactic battle of the original Avengers movie, with train cars spilling off of tracks and debris everywhere. Any Marvel fans knows that New York is where most of the heroes like to hang their hat, so it’s great to see it finally confirmed for the game.

Also confirmed today is Attlian, the kingdom of the Inhumans, ruled over by Black Bolt, which has at times hovered over New York itself. Expect an Asgard-like sprawling city to do battle in.

Not long to wait now; Marvel: Powers United VR launches exclusively on the Oculus Rift on July 26th. We’re expecting more announcements for the game at Comic-Con tomorrow.

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