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New Serious Sam VR Update Adds Skills and Power-Ups

New Serious Sam VR Update Adds Skills and Power-Ups

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope provided a nice hit of nostalgia for PC gaming veterans when it appeared as an Early Access game on Steam last year. Allowing you to take on an onslaught of bad guys pulled straight from the first Sam games, The Last Hope at its core was a simple wave-based shooter- albeit one with creative weapons and no small amount of style.

A new update released by Croteam VR over the weekend aims to add a bit more depth to the game, adding items and power-ups. Now, instead of just choosing the right weapons for the right enemies, players have access to a skill tree with both passive and active abilities. They can purchase these talents alongside guns and ammo in the in-game shop. Completing planets will earn skill points to spend on both the new ability tree and weapon upgrades.

A post announcing the update on Steam and Croteam VR’s own website described what players can now try for themselves: “Lay waste on your enemies with tactical orbital lasers and plasma cannons, slow down time, create holographic decoys, release swarms of flying quadcopters, unleash an army of spiders, place minigun turret defenses or simply create giant explosions!”

This update is the follow-up to the major Arcadia update, released last month, which added new weapons and a new planet to the game. The most recent update included no information about when The Last Hope will leave early access.

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