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New HoloLens 2 App Helps UK Doctors Train To Identify COVID-19

New HoloLens 2 App Helps UK Doctors Train To Identify COVID-19

A new HoloLens 2 application uses volumetric capture of a COVID-19 patient to help UK doctors and nurses safely identify symptoms.

HoloPatient: COVID-19 is a free extension of GIGXR’s HoloPatient platform, produced in partnership with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and the new Resilient XR consortium. The app presents users with a ‘standardized patient’ showing COVID-19 symptoms. The patient was captured using Dimension’s London-based Mixed Reality Capture studio, with features a rig with over 100 cameras that record humans ten stitch their actions back together as a 3D asset. The company says it shot the footage under safe conditions.

“Shoots are looking a little different at Dimension today, in the name of the health and safety of both the crew and the general public,” said Adam Smith, Head of Production at Dimension. “In line with advice from the APA and the Government, protocols include adherence to the 2m social distancing rule, strict use of PPE and regular temperature checks by a medic on set. To limit the number of people present, we have remote directing capabilities, streaming a live feed of the action from a wide selection of camera viewpoints. It’s not traditional but it’s efficient and hasn’t impacted quality in our experience.”

The app, meanwhile, takes users through four stages of COVID-19 illness, providing a safe means for doctors and nurses to recognize symptoms seen in a typical case.

Resilient is a group consisting of UK-based immersive technology companies such as Dimension, tech hub Digital Catapult and VISR VR. Also included are developer agencies like Fracture Reality and Make Real. It’s also supported by the University of Leeds’ Centre for Immersive Technologies and University College London. Along with this HoloLens app, the group has also been using volumetric capture to deliver online training videos in which viewers can zoom in and inspect processes in greater detail.

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