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New Gunheart Update Makes The VR Shooter Harder

New Gunheart Update Makes The VR Shooter Harder

Drifter Entertainment’s Gunheart is still going strong with Early Access updates, and the latest release is definitely one fans will want to check out.

Highlighting this latest update is a new mission achievement system for the first-person shooter, which will reward players with up to three stars for completing bonus objectives that have you play through levels in certain ways. It might be that one level asks you to beat it in a certain time, for example, or the hardest difficulty. You’ll also find that the game itself is more difficult after tweaks to make enemies tougher with better AI and new types of bad guys too.

Elsewhere there’s a new mission selection UI that will allow players to keep better track of their progress. Money pump missions will also be tougher and, when you do die, you’ll be welcomed with a new death screen. If you do decide to tackle the Elite difficulty with these tougher features then you’ll find enhanced rewards, too.

Turning to the game’s competitive multiplayer mode, there are lots of PVP updates to dig into. For starters, Drifter has revamped weapon pickups, allowing players to grab new guns just by strafing over them. The developer has also tweaked several important factors like spawn locations and weapon balance, which it says will make the Brawl game mode a much faster-paced experience.

Gunheart is currently available in pre-release on Rift, Vive and Windows VR for $29.99, though we don’t yet know when the full version will launch. Drifter is also planning to release a PSVR version of the game later this year.

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