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New Apple Pencil With Vision Pro Support Reportedly Being Tested By Apple

New Apple Pencil With Vision Pro Support Reportedly Being Tested By Apple

A new Apple Pencil that supports Vision Pro is being tested by Apple, according to MacRumors.

MacRumors cites "a source familiar with the matter" as saying Apple has internally tested such a stylus to allow drawing in visionOS apps like Freeform. The report doesn't however go into any specific detail on how the device works.

Supporting the report's claims, in February VR developer RJ White found a reference to a 'Stylus' in the Unity PolySpatial package for visionOS.


Drawing in Vision Pro is currently possible, but not precise enough for professional workflows.

If this new Apple Pencil does eventually release as a product, could it perhaps allow any table to be turned into a huge drawing canvas? Or might it even support positional tracking, allowing for precise 3D artistry and animation of the kind that currently isn't practical given Vision Pro's lack of controllers?

For now, none of these answers are known. But the Vision headsets line seems poised to one day supplant iPads, and gaining support for a stylus would be an important step in that journey.

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