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The Museum Of Other Realities Curates VR Art With Early Access Release

The Museum Of Other Realities Curates VR Art With Early Access Release

The Museum of Other Realities is available now in early access for $20.

The curated art museum offers visitors access to a “cross section of the free-ranging experimentation present in the relatively new medium of virtual reality art.”  The initial launch includes the work of 12 different artists with numerous updates planned in the coming months.

“Artists with featured work in the Museum are paid and promoted,” the MOR’s description on Steam reads. “Hang out with friends and enjoy a collective experience with new people. We hold regular events, celebrating and fostering a community around this new medium.”

VR artists and creators have been gathering in the museum regularly for many months in what are essentially simulated art gallery openings. If its early access release builds on this community, the MOR can become a new kind of gathering place and community center that promotes a wide range of artists spread across the globe and brought together in VR. You can, of course, check out the art alone as well but there’s a lot of potential in the social experience of sharing the “impossible, interactive, mind-blowing art is a lot more fun with a couple friends,” MOR developer Colin Northway, best known for his work on Fantastic Contraption, wrote in an email to us about the software.

I’ve visited the museum in Valve Index, as well as in other VR headsets, and I’d highly recommend checking it out. If you are interested at all in VR art and the artists making it, buying the MOR and supporting them in early access seems to be one of the best options right now for seeing some fantastic and surprising VR art and supporting the further development of such creations.

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