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Mindshow Adds Sharing For Crowdsourced VR Cartoon Creation

Mindshow Adds Sharing For Crowdsourced VR Cartoon Creation

Free VR improvisation software Mindshow is adding a major feature today — sharing. So performances in Mindshow can be added to or remixed by others.

For those unfamiliar, Mindshow is an innovative app which unlocks your acting skills to animate a wide range of characters. Sharing was a feature on Mindshow’s roadmap for a long time and it was released to some testers early. The addition of sharing widely, however, turns the app into a social experience. You can essentially download the performance of someone else, add to it yourself then send it back.

Multiplayer VR games are generally hindered by the relatively small number of headsets in homes. With that player base separated visiting lots of different virtual worlds, it can be hard to find someone to play a game with you at any given moment. The beauty of the Mindshow system is that two players don’t have to be online at the same time to build dynamic performances together. You can receive a Mindshow performance from one of your Steam friends, then add to it and send it back whenever is convenient for you.

Performances can be filmed with a virtual camera and then exported. It’s a completely intuitive creation process and the finished project is essentially a cartoon animated by real-life actors in VR.

Mindshow is also integrating its software with Google’s Poly, though this feature isn’t part of sharing and remixing yet. Eventually though, you could bring in objects from the Poly library as props for one of your shared scenes. Poly is a growing repository for 3D objects and the combination of sharing with access to that library could unleash a lot of creativity in VR.

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