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Microsoft's SharePoint Spaces Collaborative Tool Is Coming This Year, Including Quest Support

Microsoft's SharePoint Spaces Collaborative Tool Is Coming This Year, Including Quest Support

Microsoft has revealed that its file sharing and digital collaborative work platform, SharePoint, is getting a VR Maker Tool later this year, dubbed SharePoint Spaces.

The tool was originally revealed back during the SharePoint Virtual Summit in 2018 but is nearing release generally across the gamut of widely-used VR headsets including the Oculus Quest and Microsoft’s own HoloLens AR headset. Currently it’s in private preview now but is expanding beyond that soon and is expected to launch in the first half of 2020, as spotted by Mixed.

According to Microsoft’s own official description, SharePoint Space allows you to:

“Build immersive experiences with point-and-click simplicity; start with smart templates that have beautiful surroundings, ambient sounds, rich textures, and lighting. Then add content, which can include 2D files and documents or images you may already have in SharePoint. Immerse yourself in mixed reality, focus your attention, engage your senses, and spark your curiosity and imagination. Unlock new scenarios for communication, learning, and collaboration.”

Reportedly it will be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint proper in a very intuitive way. For example, once something is uploaded into a folder it will be immediately viewable in a VR space. SharePoint Spaces will also support immersive content like 360 photos and videos, as well as 3D models and objects. You can connect together pieces of information to make courses and information flows without needing any programming knowledge — it’s all point-and-click based inside SharePoint Spaces itself.

Would your company benefit from having a VR workspace like SharePoint Spaces? Let us know if this is appealing to you down in the comments below!

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