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Microsoft Flight Simulator Adds Tons Of New Landmarks In World Update VI

Microsoft Flight Simulator Adds Tons Of New Landmarks In World Update VI

It’s time for another World Update for the ever-detailed Microsoft Flight Simulator, this time with a focus on Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Developer Asobo’s free World Updates pay particular attention to certain areas of the globe that might not have had as much detail paid towards them at launch last year. World Update VI, as it’s called, will include landmarks in cities like Vienna as well as plenty of other incredible sites like the Alps mountain range. As with the rest of the game on PC, you’ll be able to visit these sights inside VR.

Check out the trailer for the update below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update VI Trailer

World Update VI also comes with a number of bug fixes. On the VR side, Asobo has addressed some crashes and updates some tutorials when in VR. You can catch the full changelog right here.

It’s been quite a busy few months for Microsoft Flight Simulator of late. Along with launching on Xbox earlier this year, back in July another update improved the game’s performance on PC, including updates for VR users. We thought the update made a difference, but still placed a fair amount of demand on our machine.

And there’s yet more to come – we know helicopters will be introduced to the game sometime in 2022, and that Asobo is looking at VR controls for the game, though no update on that just yet.

Are you going to be jumping into Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update VI? Let us know in the comments below!

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