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Microsoft Previews Azure Remote Rendering Support On Quest 2 & Pro

Azure Remote rendering logo

As part of Meta and Microsoft's ongoing partnership, a public preview is taking place for Azure Remote Rendering on Quest 2 and Pro.

During Connect 2022 Meta and Microsoft revealed a partnership to run Windows on Quest via cloud streaming. Alongside productivity apps like the Microsoft Office suite, it was announced that Quest devices will support Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory, though the specifics weren't detailed. Now, Azure Remote Rendering support is getting a public preview.

 Remote Rendering Showcase application showing remotely rendered content in a locally rendered environment.

Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) previously been used with mixed reality devices, including Microsoft HoloLens 2. It uses Azure's computing power to render complex models in the cloud, then streams them in real time to your device. On both Quest headsets ARR also includes passthrough support.

"With our new support for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, you can now easily integrate powerful Azure cloud rendering capabilities in these devices," says Microsoft. "We’ve added this feature in a way that doesn’t change how you use the service. Supporting the Quest 2 and Quest Pro has been one of the top feature requests from partners and developers."

For any developers interested in checking this out, here's the full documentation.

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