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Meta Quest+ Members Get Red Matter & A Fisherman's Tale For September

Meta Quest+ Members Get Red Matter & A Fisherman's Tale For September

Two quality VR games with more recent sequels are Meta's Quest+ titles for September.

Meta Quest+ is the company's new monthly games subscription service which debuted at the end of June for $8 per month. You can cancel membership and when you re-join you get access to the games you previously unlocked with the subscription.

Starting Sept. 1 and continuing through the end of the month Meta Quest+ members can get Red Matter from Vertical Robot and A Fisherman's Tale from Innerspace. Both games frequent many of our best in VR lists.

Red Matter debuted in 2018 with impressive visuals for PC and PSVR headsets, and followed up the following year with a Quest release and "improved visuals." Developer Vertical Robot has turned improving visuals into a habit with the studio's work across all headsets continually impressing eyeballs. Check out the video embedded below for an example of one of Vertical Robot's graphical feature sizzle reels:

In 2019, A Fisherman's Tale from Innerspace achieved "a perfect storm of gameplay, immersion and narrative" with its perfect mix of poetic storytelling and "reality-defying gameplay." Check out the trailer below, but it stood out at release as a landmark VR experience and it remains a delight today.

Both Red Matter and A Fisherman's Tale have more recent sequels showcasing those same developers exploring new stories and gameplay concepts. So if any new Meta Quest+ members enjoy their time with either title, be sure to check out our reviews for Red Matter 2 and Another Fisherman's Tale if you're looking for more.

While priced at $8 per month, Meta also offers a $59.99 annual plan. Previous titles offered in the program included Walkabout Mini Golf, which is still available to new members until Sept. 1, and Pistol Whip back in June. That means annual subscribers who joined at the launch in June already have a library with some of VR's best games even if they never owned any Quest games before joining.

Even though much is already known about the device, Quest 3 is scheduled for formal reveal at Meta's Connect event on Sept. 27. Quest 3 starts at $500 and is both much slimmer and more powerful than Quest 2, which will continue to be sold as an entry level device alongside the newer headset.

As Meta moves to push its VR install base ahead of new competition in 2024, we could expect big name drops for October, November, and December games in the Quest+ lineup as the company presses its advantage.

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