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Meta Finally Adds Quest Video Record Settings (For Developers)

Meta Finally Adds Quest Video Record Settings (For Developers)

The Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) finally has video record settings.

Well, it does for developers at least.

A new update to the Oculus Developer Hub, first spotted by Heartlands developer Robert Aldridge, enables a range of video recording settings. Perhaps most importantly, the settings let you change the resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio for your recording, letting you pick a 16:9 window recording at up to 4K at 60fps.

You can even change the recording to include stereoscopic capture or change the bitrate to tweak the quality of the capture based on your needs.

We gave the new features a try in-headset. Changing the aspect ratio gives you a permanent black border showcasing exactly what will be captured in your recording. It’s an incredibly useful feature for those trying to capture Quest gameplay for videos and trailers, though in our experiments with Mothergunship: Forge, performance took a hit with the game loading into new areas slower.

Given the recording options also cut out large sections of your view, the standard on-device recording is still the best option for capturing the entire world around you.

Of course, you have to have an Oculus Developer account to actually access the Developer Hub, so there’s no way to change these settings for usual Quest 2 users right now. We’ve asked Meta if it plans to bring these features to standard Quest accounts too. For now, you can change recording settings using features on SideQuest if you allow access from unknown sources to your device.

Would you like to see more recording options come to Quest 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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