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Meta Abandons Oculus Branding On Twitter

Meta just made another big step towards almost entirely replacing the Oculus brand, switching its Twitter accounts to its new name.

The official Oculus account is now called Meta Quest with the handle @MetaQuestVR and the Oculus Gaming account has its original name but now uses the @MetaQuestGaming handle. Other Oculus accounts like Oculus Support and Oculus Developers remain as they are for now. Needless to say the decision hasn’t gone down very well with vocal Oculus fans on Twitter. Our thoughts are with the Meta community mods having to sift through those comments.

Meta has slowly been switching out the Oculus branding since its Connect event last October, where it revealed Meta as the new name for the entire Facebook corporation. But, while Facebook, WhatsApp and other services keep their names, Oculus is slowly being switched over the Meta to reflect the company’s push towards the metaverse.

We’re not expecting every element of the Oculus brand to completely disappear, though, as its possible that labels like Oculus Studios might keep their name. The Twitter accounts also all retain the Oculus logo, though it’s unclear if this might be replaced at any point.

All the same, it’s almost certain that the Oculus name will be mostly a distant memory by the end of 2022. Expect the upcoming new standalone headset, codenamed Project Cambria, to carry that label as well as any other future hardware efforts.

What do you make of the switch to Meta on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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