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Media Molecule Reiterates Dreams PSVR Support 'Soon', Multiplayer Coming After

Media Molecule Reiterates Dreams PSVR Support 'Soon', Multiplayer Coming After

Last week, the long wait for the highly-anticipated PS4 release Dreams finally came to an end. After seven years of development, Dreams finally released on PS4 — however, we’re also still waiting on PSVR support. Just last week, the developers stated that PSVR support is “nearly done“. Now that’s been reiterated by Co-founder Mark Healey, along with some new details on upcoming online multiplayer modes.

Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Healey responded to a question about whether players can expect Dreams to be supported for a similar length of time as it took to develop, which Healey confirmed would be the case “as long as [the game] gets some traction.” He then expanded further, stating that they consider the game to be more of its own platform than one individual game. “Releasing it is just one stop along the road really. We want to carry on supporting it. We’re currently working on VR, so we’re going to do a VR update with VR content.”

When pushed for details on an exact release window for PSVR support, Healey said, “Just as soon as possible. I’ll probably get in trouble if I try and say a date, but literally as soon as possible.”

Healey also stated that VR support is one of the most in-demand features that they’re working on at the moment, with the other being online multiplayer and the ability to make online multiplayer games. He stated that multiplayer support is “probably the next thing after [VR support] … we’ve got a community now and we’re trying to respond to them as much as possible, so sometimes they might have a bigger demand but [the biggest demands from the community] are currently VR and multiplayer online.”

He also confirmed that Media Molecule plans to release both free and premium DLC, but the addition of VR support is “just going to be an update.” However, content with a lengthier development process or content based on an another property, such as a LittleBigPlanet pack, will be paid DLC.

The interview goes quite in-depth into many other non-VR aspects of Dreams and its development — you can read it in full over at Video Games Chronicle.

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