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Maskmaker From InnerSpace VR Arrives On Quest 2

Maskmaker From InnerSpace VR Arrives On Quest 2

Maskmaker From InnerSpace VR Vertigo Games Arrives On Quest 2

The trailer for Maskmaker premiered in The UploadVR Showcase – Winter 2022, you can watch it here

InnerSpace VR, the award-winning developers of A Fisherman’s Tale, launched Maskmaker on Quest 2 December 15th. 

Maskmaker is available on Steam and PSVR for Innerspace VR with its combination of magic masks and intricate puzzle-solving. You craft masks and explore, as players seek “Prospero who appears to rule it and ultimately unravel the secret of his identity.” 

On Quest 2, the game is poised to take advantage of wireless standalone VR for the first time. 

So what is Maskmaker? You play as a Maskmaker’s apprentice who must learn the magic of mask-making to immerse yourself in encounters with the beings inside the game.

Your journey will see you explore eight unique biomes in the Mask Realm to seek Prospero, a shadowy presence whose workshop is used to craft the magical masks. While Prospero seems to rule the world there’s a lot of mystery here. You progress through the biomes by solving puzzles in a rich world with a story driven by voice-acting that unfolds steadily as you discover secrets surrounding you.

You can find rare resources allowing you to craft stunning masks in your workshop, each with their own style and look, as players work to chisel, shape and paint their magical masks. A trusty spyglass can be used to look around the zones to find the remnants of inhabitants and the masks that they wear. When you’ve collected all the materials necessary, return to the workshop and get to making the masks you discovered.

While the masks are eye-catching and the process of making them immersive, they’re also useful and help you beat obstacles throughout the game. Wearing the masks allows you to blend into the different biomes and inhabit the spirits you found with the spyglass roaming the lands of the Mask Realm. Taking them over opens up new areas for you to explore, and gets you ever closer to finding out the answers of Prospero. 

Explore the immersive mask-making playground on Quest 2 now, CLICK HERE.

And find it on SteamVR, PSVR and Viveport.

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