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New Details On Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit AR Racing Kit

New Details On Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit AR Racing Kit

A new video from Nintendo details what you can expect from the AR-powered racing kit Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, set to launch later this month on October 16.

The new trailer, embedded above, confirms some details we suspected from the initial announcement footage and shows us even more features. Each kit comes with one kart (either Mario or Luigi), 4 gates, 2 arrow signboards, a USB charging cable and instructions for the game download, so you can install the required software on your Switch.

Mario Kart Live AR Switch

The gates are used to set up the track layout — you lay them wherever you want and then drive through them in order to define the track. You can create any path you want between each gate — you’re not just limited to standard race configurations — and some pretty wacky ones are featured in the video. The included arrow signboards will also transform when viewed in AR view, becoming the neon animated direction indicators from the main Mario Kart series (pictured below). While a big play space would obviously be better, Nintendo recommends a minimum play area of 10 x 12 feet.

Mario Kart Live AR Switch

In terms of gameplay, there looks to be a lot of content on offer. Just like traditional Mario Kart, there’s speed settings for 50, 100, 150 and 200cc, and you can compete in a Grand Prix against AI, with the ability to change the track layout between each race. Themed levels will also put an overlay on the AR gameplay — a water level, for example, will display a blue hue over the AR footage.

Mario Kart Live AR Switch

Everything that happens in-game will be reflected with the physical karts too. If you get a mushroom, your physical kart speed up. If you hit an obstacle, the kart will stop. Classic Mario Kart items such as red shells, blue shells, bananas, lightning, bloopers and bullet bill will all be available as well.

There are 24 Grand Prix race tracks, including Cheep Cheep Reef, Ember Island, Boo Fortress, Chain Chomp Gate, Rainbow Road, World 1-1 and Magikoopa Mirage. Selecting these race tracks will alter the environmental obstacles, which are themed differently depending for each track. The game will support playing against AI or with up to 4 other players total, provided each user has their own kart and Nintendo Switch.

While the initial announcement trailer looked cool, this new video has really cemented just how many features are in the game. This isn’t a stripped-down version of Mario Kart altered to work in AR, it looks like the opposite. Most elements you know and love from Mario Kart will be on offer in Home Circuit, but with an AR twist.

The Mario and Luigi kits for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit are available from October 16 for $99 each.

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