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Linden Lab Sells Sansar To Wookey Project To 'Streamline' Focus On Second Life

Linden Lab Sells Sansar To Wookey Project To 'Streamline' Focus On Second Life

Linden Lab has announced that they’ve sold Sansar to San Francisco-based tech company, Wookey Project Corp., which has assumed all operations without service interruption to the community.

I couldn’t find anything about this company, Wookey Project, because their website seems bare, but the news is verified on the official Linden Lab blog. Reportedly, Linden Lab decided to make this move in order to “streamline its focus to continue the development and operations” of user-created virtual world, Second Life, which still appears to be going strong.

Sansar had a lot of promise when it was first revealed and seemed poised to capitalize on the opportunity to establish a new social VR landscape, especially since it was created by the developers of Second Life. From the very start Linden Lab was focused on trying to help creators make money in Sansar.

According to the announcement, “effective immediately,” Wookey Project now has full and total ownership of Sansar and is contracting with Tilia Inc. as a third party for back office functions, so Linden Lab no longer has any ownership or management at all. VR is also explicitly stated as a continued focus for Sansar moving forward as well:

“Sansar will continue to evolve as the premier platform for live events and entertainment including (but not limited to) support for VR, while Second Life is positioned as the Internet’s leading user-created virtual world platform. Both Linden Lab and Wookey Project Corp. will continue to develop our respective platforms independently.”

With the implosion of High Fidelity, explosion in popularity of VRChat, continued evolution of Rec Room, reliability of Altspace, and new platforms like Sinespace rising up, what do you think of the current social VR landscape? Let us know down in the comments!

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