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Limina VR Weekender Comes To London Next Month

Limina VR Weekender Comes To London Next Month

There’s an intriguing new VR festival in town for London VR enthusiasts (or anyone else) next week.

The Limina VR Weekender is set to run on Decembers 1st and 2nd (a Saturday and Sunday) at the Picturehouse Central near Piccadilly Circus. This isn’t your usual assortment of Superhot VR and Arizona Sunshine demos; it’s a VR arts festival that will shine an entirely different light on what the tech is capable of.

The festival includes three different playlists of VR experiences, each focusing on different themes. For The Wild, you’ll explore nature in an entirely new way with films like Longing for Wilderness, Sanctuaries of Silence, Wilderness: An Immersive Journey Into Patagonia and The 500. Future and Fantasy, meanwhile, will give you a window into tomorrow with I Saw The Future, Celestial Motion and Fantasynth. Finally, Begin Again takes a look at people starting over with Step to The Line, Sea Prayer and the astonishing Grenfell: Our Home.

Tickets are £10 and spots have to be booked ahead of time. If you’re at all interested in VR outside of gaming you should definitely give it a look.

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