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Lifeliqe Wants To Turn Schools Into VR Development Centers

Lifeliqe Wants To Turn Schools Into VR Development Centers

Educational immersive technology company Lifeliqe is looking to turn schools and their students into VR development centers.

The company today announced a partnership with K-12 education, giving students the ability to create content in the Unity engine and publish that content onto Lifelique’s 3D model platform. Their creations can then be viewed in browsers or in VR using headsets like the HTC Vive and even mixed reality with devices like HoloLens.

As such, the company hopes to turn school libraries into centers with vast amounts of 3D models for viewing, storing new types of knowledge. Using Unity to create 3D content is an increasingly popular trend within computer science lessons, so why not give students a place to put their creations and then later view them as if they were real?

Lifeliqe also just released a video showing how to publish Unity content to its platform, which you can see below.

Lifeliqe is doing a lot of work to promote the use of immersive tech in education systems, also introducing HoloLens to classrooms earlier this year and previously became an official education partner for the Vive.

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