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Online Language Learning System 'Fluent Worlds' Plans VR Jump

Online Language Learning System 'Fluent Worlds' Plans VR Jump

Virtual reality can allow you to do many incredible things. Inside a VR headset you can battle hundred foot monsters, blast away swarms of alien robots and explore exotic new worlds. As fun as experiences like this can be, however, they do not represent the full potential of VR as a platform. The realms of medicine, travel, socialization and education can also benefit from this new technology. Education in particular goes hand in hand with the immersive power of VR and the language learning application known as Fluent Worlds is a great example of this relationship.

Fluent Worlds is a creation of VIEW a company that created a “Cloud based 3D education environment. With an online gaming platform at its core.”

These online gaming platforms are broken into several different formats. One of these is Fluent Worlds — an application that allows you to create an avatar, navigate a world filled with other AI personalities and conduct conversations in the foreign language of your choice.

According to David Bradford, one of the minds behind VIEW and Fluent Worlds, this powerful 2D language learning concept is making the jump into virtual reality to make the system even more compelling. The team at VIEW is currently working to make Fluent Worlds available in VR headsets beginning with mobile solutions such as the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

“So we are not in the Gear VR store but have done an initial integration with them…we are also in active discussions for Google Daydream and the HTC Vive,” Bradford told Upload via email. “I was walking through virtual Las Vegas today in the Samsung headset.”

Bradford provides further details on the content of Fluent Worlds by stating that, “while in our 3D adventures, [users] will learn social language skills in 54 separate adventures that take place in hotels, airports, homes or restaurants as they meet other avatars.”

VIEW is currently seeking to raise funds in preparation for the VR launch. Bradford said he and others have invested $3 million in personal funds into the program.


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