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Larcenauts Finally Supports Vive & Index On Steam, Cross-Play Lobbies Added

Larcenauts Finally Supports Vive & Index On Steam, Cross-Play Lobbies Added

Over a week on from Larcenauts’ troubled SteamVR launch, the game finally supports the HTC Vive and Valve Index headsets.

When the game launched on Quest and PC the SteamVR version only worked with the Oculus Rift, locking other headset users out. Impulse Gear noted it was working on a fix as soon as possible. With this weekend’s 1.04a update the studio also adds cross-play lobbies, allowing users on Steam and Oculus to find each other by enter lobby codes.

No support for Windows VR headsets yet but hopefully that’s in the works too.

It’s a relief to see Larcenauts finally add support for Index and Vive, as we’re pretty fond of the game. “Larcenauts runs like a well-oiled machine, with complex and varied character classes that complement each other well for high-level play, tight map design that pushes you into new situations and strategies, and a progression system that keeps the unlocks flowing,” we said in last week’s review. “It’s a game to commit to and learn its inner-workings with smart plays to counter enemy strategies.”

These issues have seen the game get review bombed on SteamVR, too. It’s currently sitting at a ‘Mixed’ rating with other 70 reviews.

Elsewhere this update makes a few tweaks, like tuning down the damage of dual wielding machine pistols and various bug fixes.

Will you be jumping into Larcenauts with this expanded compatibility? Let us know in the comments below!

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