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Larcenauts Is The New VR Shooter From Impulse Gear - First Details On Upload Access

Larcenauts Is The New VR Shooter From Impulse Gear - First Details On Upload Access

At long last the developers of Farpoint have revealed their next game. Larcenauts is the new title from Impulse Gear, and it’s our Upload Access title for May!

Note: This article was originally published on May 5th.

Larcenauts is still a sci-fi shooter, but it otherwise couldn’t be more different to the developer’s 2017 story-driven single-player effort. This is a team-based multiplayer hero shooter with a vibrant art style and multiple character classes. Check it out in the in-game debut trailer below.

Larcenauts Announced

Larcenauts is playful in tone and has eight unique characters — named specialists — like the robotic commando unit, ARC L6, or the armored guardian, Thal. Each serves a different function in team-based battles, from your standard medic class to grenadiers and more. There’s also Vod, the heavy hitter, who batters enemies with his extending alien fists.

The trailer also shows a game mode in which players are fighting for ownership of an orb-like drone they carry around the map in a mode called Dronehack. The game supports 6v6 matches and also features Deathmatch and other modes.

For now, Larcenauts is confirmed for Quest and PC VR headsets. It’s coming this summer and supports cross-buy and cross-play.

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning of a whole month of exclusive coverage for Larcenauts. Check back later this week when we’ll talk to Impulse Gear about the origins of the game before revealing the brand new multiplayer gameplay next week. We’ll also be talking to Impulse Gear live in our VR studio, showing off yet more gameplay and going in-depth on some of the character classes and arenas in which you’ll do battle. The full schedule is below!

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