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Kartoffl Brings A New Puzzle Adventure To Quest And PC VR This November

Kartoffl Brings A New Puzzle Adventure To Quest And PC VR This November

After releasing a demo on App Lab in January, developer Breach VR confirmed that Kartoffl arrives on November 3 for the Quest platform and PC VR. 

Bringing a new puzzle adventure with over 60 increasingly difficult levels, Kartoffl takes inspiration from classic games like Lemmings and Pipe Mania. Playable in seated, standing or full roomscale VR, each level involves guiding Spuds to safety. You’ll need to guide them from Point A to Point B by manipulating the space, hazards and objects around them.

Beyond this colorful art style, Breach is keen to emphasize Kartoffl’s unique gameplay, promising a “sense of space and tangibility that traditional flatscreen platformers aren’t able to.” If this proves too easy, every level also includes three bonus stars for you to collect.

Earlier this year we saw a similar concept in PathCraft, which we went hands-on with at Gamescom. PathCraft is set for release before the end of the year, but without any specific date as of yet. It’s been a solid year for VR puzzle games so far, with releases like The Last Clockwinder and Tentacular offering unique concepts that take advantage of roomscale play in interesting ways. 

Kartoffl launches on November 3 for $14.99, available on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR via Steam. If you’re keen to jump in sooner, a free Steam and Quest App Lab demo is available right now.

Do you enjoy puzzle adventures? Interested in trying out Kartoffl? Let us know in the comments below.

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