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Rift S Boosts Oculus, Index Starts Small In July Steam Hardware Survey

Rift S Boosts Oculus, Index Starts Small In July Steam Hardware Survey

Late last week we reported on initial findings from the July Steam Hardware Survey. But Valve has since updated its listings to finally include the Oculus Rift S and its own Index headset.

Last week we noted that roughly 10% of VR headsets on Steam may be attributed to these new headsets. With this update, though, we know that Rift S counts for 8.4% and Index counts for 1.46%. True, Rift S is some ways in front of Index in this first listing, but it’s had an extra month of sales over Index. Rift S launched late May and Index has been trickling out to customers since late June. The headset only started to ship immediately as of July 24.

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Of course, Rift S costs $399 for the whole package whereas Index starts at $499 for the headset alone. The full package costs $999, so even with the headstart, it’s not surprising to see Rift S in front.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that Rift S is literally 0.99% behind Windows VR’s share. Obviously, we know the Steam Hardware Survey isn’t entirely dependable (it’s only an optional survey for Steam users), but to see the new Oculus headset catch up so quickly to an entire line of VR devices that have been available for a few years is surprising indeed.

In fact, the total of Oculus headsets now used on Steam (including Rift and DK2) is 49.86%. For comparison, the HTC Vive and Vive Pro come to 39.27% of the total share.

It definitely seems like Rift S got off to a good start in the context of the PC VR market, then. Of course, without any official sales figures to go on, it’s difficult to know how well any of these headsets are really doing.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing how Index increases over the course of the next month, too.

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